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Recordpad Sound Recorder 3.0

RecordPad Sound Recorder is an amazing audio recorder
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RecordPad Sound Recorder is a misleadingly basic audio recorder. Let me expand on that. When you first start it, you will see what you see when you start any other audio recorder. A graphic representation of a tape recorder, with record, play, stop, and pause controls. So you might be fooled into thinking that you have already seen this. Well, you haven't. Under the hood, RecordPad refuses to be deemed a basic audio recorder. Of course, it can record audio from your microphone or line-in into .wav or .mp3. But it also has quite a few features that make it so much better than regular recorders. The first of them is a space meter that you can see in real-time, while you are recording. For improved ease of use, you can set the output format of your recordings from the main window (no need to go to options, output formats, etc). This app's top feature is the ability to search your recordings by using keywords. The twist here is that you can have the application analyze the speech in the recordings to try and find a word that you might have said in a recording. You are not looking for keywords in the titles of the recording, the application actually listens to the whole thing and searches for your words. You have to download a speech engine for this feature, but it is great. As I learned to expect from a NCH application, RecordPad's performance is over the top and, graphically, it couldn't be more straight-forward.

José Fernández
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